Tarantool - Careers

The Project

Tarantool is an open-source in-memory DBMS combined with a Lua application server. In some benchmarks it has proven to be faster than any of the better-known NoSQL products, and Mail.Ru is committed to making Tarantool the best-known as well as the best. The product is in production use within many small and large companies, as well as within Mail.Ru itself.

The features include sharding, replication, write-ahead logging, a variety of journal log options, load balancing, Lua stored procedures, connectors for C, Perl, PHP and Python, modules for interaction with MySQL or PostgreSQL.

There’s a team of developers employed by Mail.Ru which creates and distributes Tarantool in the open source community.

About us

Mail.Ru Group is one of the largest Internet companies in Russia and Europe. It operates the world’s fifth-largest postal service and three social networks (Odnoklassniki, Moy Mir, Vkontakte) with a total audience of over 150 million users per month, and the world’s third-most-popular email application, myMail.